RVP Auctions has been operating in Lancaster County for over  25 years. 


Dedicated to providing their customers with a fair market to sell or buy goods.  We would be delighted to handle your sale and look forward to hopefully seeing you at one of our Auctions


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Farm & Home Center

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1383 Arcadia Rd Lancaster Pa 17601

Selling 560+ Lots of Copper, Silver, Gold, Type, Key and Semi Key coins,

Outstanding Currency Type, and Nationals.

Some Highlights: Coins: Featuring 250 Pieces of Bust Halves Starting 1807 Complete Set Proof Liberty Nickels in PCGS64 (86 in Pr 65)

Key Certified 1877 Indian, 1909/S VDB Lincoln, Plus U.S., Foreign, Bullion Gold

Currency: Great Selection of PCGS High Graded Type Notes 1878 $1 Legal Tender

65PPQ, $5 1880 Legal Tender 67PPQ, $1 1886 Silver Certificate 65PPQ, $2 1886

Silver Certificate 66PPQ, $1 1891 Coin Note 66PPQ, $2 1891 Coin Note 67PPQ,

The Following all grade PCGS 64PPQ $1 1862 Legal Tender, $5 1863 Legal

Tender, $2 1891 Silver Certificate, $10 1901 Legal Tender (Bison), $10 1908 Silver

Certificate (Tombstone)

National Currency to incl: 3‐ $2 Lazy Deuces on The Manheim National Bank (2‐